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Ways To Handle Social Security Customer Service Issues

By: Sahil Luthra

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Social Security Program

Social Security provides financial supports for our nation's people with retirement, disability and survivors benefits.

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Social Security Issues

You may be able to Troubleshoot your problem online, but other issues might require a phone call or in - person visit to SS Office.

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Ways to Resolve Social Security Issues

Research online to find answers, use social security website, make a call to SS Administration, fix an appointment, visit for in - person meeting.

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Online Platform to Resolve Social Security Issues

Official website for Social Security is The website has information and calculators so that you should do research as much as you can.

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Social Security Issues Can Be Solved Online

Many of the Social Security Services have shifted online, you can do so many tasks there.

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Online Services Includes

Create a free My Social Security Account, apply for benefits, check the status of your application 

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Tasks Can Be Operated Online

Valuation for your retirement benefits,can do review your S S Statement, change your address, set up or change your payment mode, print proof of your benefits.

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Call To Solve Your Query Here

The S S Customer Service number is 1-800-772-1213, time to call between 8:00 Am to 7:00 Pm from Monday to Friday.

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Best Time To Connect

Best Time to call to S S Authority is to be late hours in the day,  between Wednesday and Friday  jointly results less time on hold.

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Prior Appointment Must Be Appreciated

If your query hasnt resolved online  either on a phone call with associates, so make a appointment prior and consult with S S representative in person.

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Expectation  at the Social Security Office

You one can appeal the decision if you think benefits were miscalculated and you are suppose to get more, visit to local office and file any appeals in writing.

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