Vanguard vs Sofi Invest 2022

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A side-by-side comparison of brokers is a difficult process. We spent hundreds of hours our 2022 annual broker review in an effort to identify the top online broker. Let's contrast Sofi Invest vs Vanguard.

Compared to Vanguard, Sofi Invest provides more thorough new investor education.

For standard stock trades, Vanguard and Sofi Invest both charge $0.00. Option contracts cost $1.00 per contract at Vanguard against $0.00 per contract at Sofi Invest.

Vanguard provides a superior trading tool experience. Vanguard provides outstanding market research through its research. Finally, we discovered that Sofi Invest offers superior mobile trading apps.

Vanguard vs Sofi Invest Winner Overall winner: Vanguard

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