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Can an Adult Child Collect a Parent’s Social Security Benefits?

By: Sahil Luthra

American Street

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Adult Child Social Security

Adult child cannot inherit those benefits which their parents were receiving directly after their death, there are other programs through which they can receive assistance.

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 Retirement Benefits Stops

Retirement payment which was receiving by the parents stops when they die, usually the funeral home inform the authority about individual's death, stopping the payments automatically.

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Programs Like  Survivor Benefits

There are other forms of benefits for family member survivors including adult children, like social security survivor benefits.

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Eligibility For Adult Child

Adult child are eligible if they are between the ages of 18and 19 and a full-time high school student, or 18 or older with disability that began before age 22.

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Eligibility For Survivor Benefits

The disabled adult child is unmarried or married to a disabled spouse, adult child’s disability must be approved according to SSA medical criteria.

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Prior Steps Are Appreciable

Parents can take some steps before their death for providing their disabled child the survivor's benefits by providing some data like parent’s child with a birth certificate or adoption papers.

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Disabled Adult Child Benefits

If the parent is already on Social Security retirement or disability benefits themselves, they can have their disabled adult child added onto their account as an auxiliary while they are still living.

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Enroll for SSI Benefits

Parents may be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) on the disabled child’s behalf, a monthly payment applied to help to families with disabled child.

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Disabled Child SSDI Benefits

Disabled Child above 18 years becomes eligible for SSDI benefits, after death of their parent they become eligible for the survivor’s benefit.

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Adult Child Receives

Your survivor would be eligible for 75% of the primary insurance amount (PIA) on your account, can estimate this amount by checking at your My Social Security Account on

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Lump-Sum Death Payment

Spouses, children under the age of 18, or disabled adult children can qualify for the LSDP, but non-disabled adult children cannot.

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